Sunday, June 21, 2015

Russian river camping

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Last weekend we went up to the Russian River valley with a lot of friends and had such a good time. Tim and Eliza invited us on their annual trip and I am so grateful that they did! Camping is so good for our little souls. As much as I love jumping on a plane and exploring new countries, going camping - near or far- remains my favorite. Even when pregnant and in my third trimester. There is something just so relaxing about it - and no, it's not all because of the bourbon marshmallows ;)

I've said that before, but being out in nature where most of the time we have absolutely no cell reception is so refreshing. The adults chat, make food, play the guitar by the fireplace while the kiddos run around happy and free, doing what kids are supposed to do. It's pure, simple happiness right there. I mean, I am happy to get back to by bed after a few days out camping, but I LOVE sleeping in the tent with my entire little family - it makes me feel so close to them.
Freiahappy Freiamaking smores for the littles and the adultsrussian river campingcamping in the russian riverolivia

There were a lot of us - 11 families....which sounds even crazier now that I am writing it! But we had 3 campsites that we shared and split all of the meals so that every family provided for part of two meals. It really worked out great in the end and the kids had so many friends to play with!

On the Friday we saw these crazy rainbows in the sky, like four of them at the same time and they went on for what seemed like forever - we all know it was Caleb at work up there :) I can't wait for our next camping trip - with four girls this time! It will be craziness I know it, but it will be so good :)

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