Monday, May 6, 2013

You are my wild

This little girl just turned two. Hard to believe. And with each day that passes she keeps amazing me with a her personality. Because, believe me, she is tiny but she's got big personality. She is fearless but also shy. She is bubbly and sweet. She is strong-minded and caring. And we all love her beyond reason.
  When we sang the birthday song to her in the morning, she went hiding. Same thing when we sang it later when we ate her birthday cupcakes. Madeline is funny like this, she doesn't really like it when all the attention is on her. The other day she did a super cool trick at her gym class on the bars, coach Kerryn complimented her for it and she went straight into shy mode and wouldn't go back on the bars after that. I wonder how this is going to go when this smart little cookie starts school.

 Madeline had been asking for a guitar for weeks and weeks - she LOVES music and singing. And so that was her birthday present from us, and I'm SO happy we gave her that - she didn't let go of her guitar, even for her afternoon nap or to go take the trash out. Best present ever :)

And on Sunday we had a little party with close friends. We had some food, Lou played some music for the kids and we all had a brilliant, mess of a good time. It is one of my very favorite thing to do, to bake a cake, and decorate the house to make my little girls feel special and loved. We hung balloons from the ceiling and put giant polka dots on the walls. And of course, the cake had to be pink :)

And per our birthday tradition, we made her "when she grows up" birthday poster. Will she be a postman, a politician, a vegan organic soy yoga instructor, a film director or a princess with a pink unicorn? I guess time will tell, and I have no doubt that she's going to do wonderful things with her life....but I am secretly vouching for the unicorn option ;)

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Elizabeth said...

Madeline is so unbelievably adorable, with her floral halo and everything... And that is the absolute loveliest little guitar!!!!