Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fall things

So sorry I've let you down guys - it's been a long long while without any post on this blog. A thousands of excuses really, the knee surgery + recovery, an army of guest in October, lots of work for an awesome project on This Little Street...but in the end, I know none of these are good enough. I should have updated this blog anyway. Because it make me so happy when I do do it . I love having this special place to talk about this happy little life of mine. So I'll catch up on this fall really quick. Not too many picture because really, the first couple of months after mu surgery I just didn't have the energy to even take pictures. But here is what I have. When Troels' parents and grand-parents visited, we went to the Catskills and spent a nice fall weekend in the mountains. It was gorgeous with the golden leaves - and freezing too!

We did some Halloween decorations with the girls' little friends and neighbors, Hamish and Flora. I think that Madeline is love with Amish, her eyes start glowing and she's got a big smile on her face every time she hears his name ;)

My parents visited right around Halloween - they left right before the hurricane-, and of course we couldn't resist the idea to dress up my dad. How did we do that, you'll ask? Well, we were going to an event at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, so we told him everybody there would be wearing a costume...and dress him up as The Situation :D Of course, he has no idea who The SItuation is, so it was awesome. People started cracking up when they saw him...and he just had no clue why :D

The girls had such a blast, Olivia kept saying "You say "trick or treat, mama!". She's about ready for another round of Halloween already:)

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