Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A (very) good April

So far, it's been an amazing month. Starting things off with my birthday sort of set the tone for these last few weeks. Granted, we'll had a fussy little girl sick with fever because of the teething, and another one learning the joys (oh the joys) of potty training. So not saying that it's been perfect all these time....But really, its been pretty damn sweet overall.

The girls are getting bigger and bigger, and getting closer and closer to each other. Their favorite thing to do right now is to dress up in their princess dresses - they LOVE to dress up together. Then Olivia sets cups of tea and little (fake) cakes at their little table, they sit down there and play. Mama totally not needed. It's alright - I'm content watching them play together :)

Madeline is growing like nobody's business. She can now very officially walk - I don't give her much time before she can run. She climbs. Everything. She. Can. Find. We turn our backs 5 seconds, and we find her on the table. She figured out how to climb up on her sisters' trip trap chairs. She also started saying her first word, and with that, learned to DEMAND things. Don't be fooled by this sweet little face.

She figured out pretty early that she can use words to get things done the way she wants. She says "op" when she wants to go up (on the bed, couch) or out of her chair. She said This - she brings me the princess dress and says this so I can put it on her, or points at food that she wants on the table. She says "hoppe" (jump in Danish). Sometimes she even says tak. And, very important, she's starting to say mama. I love to hear that word in her mouth.

Olivia's also changing super fast. Like I said, she's been potty training....and she started wearing "big girl" underwear last week. I know that most of you won't care, but I had to mention it anyway. Because to a mama, it's a big thing. My baby isn't a baby anymore.

Easter was super sweet for us this year. I was kind of afraid it wouldn't - after all, Easter is one of these holidays that you are supposed to spend with family, and I was just afraid it would be different. And it was. But in a very good way.

We ate hot cross buns for breakfast, and as soon as we were done we headed to the Bronx Zoo for a day of fun. The weather was just amazing, and we had the best time.

Olivia had so much fun she fell asleep in her daddy's arms the minute we exited the zoo. How I love this little girl. How I love both of these little girls.

And for dinner dessert we dived into the pile of chocolates the girls' grand-mas sent over. The girls were in chocolate heaven - if think it was Madeline's first time ever tasting chocolate. Sweet ending to a very sweet day.

And since then? The weather has been just as amazing and we've been taking advantage of bit of Spring sun - because we know that once comes the "real" summer, it going to be way too hot out there to really enjoy it. We have picnics in the park, we go run around in the grass....

Like I said, so far, it's been a (very) good month of April. And there's 12 days left. Bliss.


Imene Said Kouidri said...

I love love your blog and the pictures you take. I'm an Expat too but I went the other way. From Algeria to Paris to the US.
I love your work

Audrey said...

Thanks Imene!