Sunday, December 26, 2010

The big Christmas blowout

And not in the terms that you would think. It's just that our Christmas this year, well...blew a little bit. And you know me, I am not a pessimistic person. But Olivia's first Christmas was pretty far from what I had imagined it would be. Let me explain.

It started with all of us being sick the few days leading to Christmas. "Oh well, big deal" I thought "we'll be in France soon, and we'll be able to drink and relax and celebrate Christmas with everybody and it's going to be grand!". Except for, we didn't take the snow into account. Nor did we anticipate that Charles de Gaulle airport would run out of de-icing product for their plane on Christmas eve. We were supposed to fly early morning on the 24th, but our plane was canceled, and no plane left for France that day. Oh - and we had no food at home since we had cleaned up our fridge...and all stores and restaurants are closed in Denmark on the 24th! We thought we'd be condemned to eating a gas station dinner on Christmas eve.... Thankfully Troels' brother found out we were still around, and him and Ditte invited us to celebrate with her family - which pretty much made our day! Thanks again for saving us guys :)

We ended up taking a 6.50 am flight on 25th -Merry Christmas Olivia! Try to see if you can still see Santa in the sky :S And it continued on and on. Our plane left late, we waiting for our luggage for almost two hours, missed our train, had to wait another 3 hours for another train.......10 hours after we left Denmark we finally arrived home, and you can guess that we were all pooped out to really celebrate Christmas. But we did. And it still felt nice. Just, different. Not really like Christmas is supposed to feel. But at least, Olivia won't remember this first Christmas so hopefully she won't hate us forever :)

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