Thursday, February 25, 2010

Reinventing your travel...

Welcome to Olivia Smit Airline :)

This week was our first time flying with Olivia --oh you should see her little 1-month old cheeks on her passport picture- and let's just say that we had some fun traveling to London:

Part 1 - Leaving the house: We were supposed to get on the 4:45am train on Thursday - granted that Olivia eats wakes up between 3 and 3:30 am every night, we were just going to feed her then and go....but of course, miss Olivia decided that Thursday was just the best day for her to sleep through the night, and I had not planned for that:) She couldn't have chosen a best time. so 4 am, we wake up, panic, wake Olivia up, she panics. Crying, feeding, chaos.

Part 2- The airport: traveling with a child, you have to take a LOT of things with you! And given how "tete en l'air" both Troels and I are, I am surprised we didn't forget our little Tinymus somewhere along the way :) What a mess. Troels at the airport: "We are never again traveling with a baby". Haha. Really honey? So either we stop traveling (mmmm not likely), or we sell Tinymus (not likely either -mmm unless we get a good offer for her, anybody? hehe. Anyway, despite all these extra luggage, it was great to gave her with us - we got so many smiles along the way...even from the airport security....a real first...let's not sell her :)

3- Arriving in London/Hotel: Troels had arranged for early check in so I could go to the hotel right after our flight and feed Olivia. We were so proud of ourselves to have arrange for it since we are usually not all that organized.......hahah right. Now if the hotel had actually prepared the room as they were supposed to. I arrived at the hotel with a crying hungry tinymus, and no hotel room or place to feed her. We ended with in the hotel's toilets...brilliant. Granted, they were nice toilets, so I'll give you that :)

We're hoping traveling with her will get easier with time as we get more used to it. But knowing us, there are probably some good traveling-with-a-child stories coming up :)

Daddy needs no fancy stroller to carry Olivia at the airport :)

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Monica Lynn said...

Hahaha! Well travelling with one cranky hungry child is one thing. Two is even better! I never look forward to the actual flight when traveling with my monsters! And it's usually me alone with them! AACK! But I do remember my first flight with Jonas. I would feed him anywhere tho ;). Just grab that blanket and throw it over my shoulder! hehehe