Thursday, October 1, 2009

Showering Yif's baby :)

Nothing like a bachelor-wedding-babyshower party :D Lots of friends, food (yummmm ribs by Troels and guacamole by Dani, delicious!) and drinks. Our friends Yoav and Yif had already celebrated their union in Israel, where going to get the real wedding done the day after at City Hall, and are expecting a little girl for November. Talk about staying busy!

Tyler was just cracking up all night -later on I saw him dance and sing for the first was priceless :D

Yoav and Meredith

Just a happy happy night :)

Yif and one of her presents - Wash towels shapped into a "Sushi" platter....oh this is SO New York.

The pregnant ladies and the dessert.....typical picture :D

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