Friday, October 16, 2009

burn the floor on broadway & think about life in my head

This weekend my friend Julien was visiting - hehe yes another guest for the Belliard Smit Hotel-, and we all went to a show on Broadway called "Burn the Floor" - supposed to be ballroom dancing, re-invented.

While I was rather disappointed by the show itself (I didn't really think that they reinvented anything...classic moves, classic costumes...oh and the music, I thought I was in the movie Ghost half the time, and Flashdance the rest of the time with a mix of Viva Mexico here and there), I enjoyed going to the show because it made me think about my life a lot. It made me think about salsa dancing, something I used to LOVE and do all the time in Tucson, and that has somehow slipped out of my life.

How I miss my salsa friends!!!!

And from then on I started thinking about all of these other things that I've picked up at some point or another in my life, and that are gone now. Some of them for the better. But others I really miss, and wish I was still doing them. I know, you will tell me - I try to do so much and am interested in so many things that it would be hard to keep up with all of these things I life to do. But still. Can I still dream that it's possible for me to be SuperWoman and do them all? :)

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