Thursday, July 9, 2009

I love my girls! (and my boys too) - a.k.a best Bachelorette party EVER!

Ooooh how much I love my girls - they put together the BEST day for me and we had so much fun . Morning we spent canoeing - haha we spent more time running into trees and plants and getting in the water to move the canoe that was stuck on rocks than anything, but that was actually the best part of it! Afternoon we want to do some "accro Branche" - an activity that is really only in France, but so so cool! You walk and slide between strees - can't wait to get some pics to shows you!!!!

And then there was...the night...A lot of pink was involved :D ha the beauty of walking accross town with a beautiful pink dress, pink cowboy boots and oh-so-sexy blong wig. Let's do it again!

We had sworn to spend the days without the guys...but I guess in a 3000-people town there is only so much you can do :D We all met up at the one cool pub in town. What a cool night. I think a few got a bit of a headache the day after :D

More pics to come!!!!!

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