Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Gelatomoon with my hunny

Italy here we come! One week of doing nothing but enjoying the lovely Italian sun, wine and food. Ja taaaaaak!

We spent the first few days in Sestri Levante - on the Italian Riviera up north, just a bit above Cinqueterre. We stayed in a beautiful hotel castel and had a bathroom like I had never seen before!!!!

The hotel also had a private garden that led to an elevator built in a cliff that led to the see - it was unreal. I love the garden and all of its crickets making a racket :) mmmm and all of the smells of the herbs and the olive trees....I am in love

Oh and all of the dreamy gelato flavous: Almond milk, melon, berries, stracciatela, fig, caramel...nutella!!!!! :D Yummm! This trip is going to be waaaaaay to short!

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mel said...

j'adore ta tete avec ces lunettes !!