Thursday, January 1, 2009

Celebrating the New Year, Danish Style!

2008 has been a very "interesting" year, for the good and the not so good, so here is to 2009 and what it will bring along! Celebrating New Year's Eve in Danemark was awesome. A few of the Danish traditions I thought you might want to know about:
- No public fireworks. Instead, EVERYBODY buys fireworks that they launch in the backyard. You end up with a sky lit up with the explosions, wherever you are. Really great!
- The hat tradition: don't ask me why, but you HAVE to wear a silly hat wherever you celbrate the New Year.
- Jumping into the New Year: litteraly, Danish people do that :) A few seconds before midnight we all got up on a chair, couch or whatever we could find, and jump down at midnight!
- Tradtional Danish songs: played by the national choir at midnight and sung like a karaoke by every Dane. Ohhhhhh my ears!

Here is a pic of Troels and I before we went out :) HEhe hopefully I can soon get one of the videos of the night so you can see the wonderful dancers we had that night!


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