Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Big Beer Mountain

I mean, Big Bear Mountain - Oooppps a little lapsus :) We spent last weekend in Pennsylvania with our friend Alex and Brian. And it was FREEZING cold! We watched the temperature go down and down on our way from New York...and when we arrived at the cabin, it was -7 degrees Fahrenheits (-22 degrees celcium!)!!!!!! Hellllooowwwwww did we take a wrong turn and ended up in Antartica??

But our oh-so-lovely boyscout Brian us a lovely fire in the fireplace in uhm-uhm, no time with the lovely logs that our lumberjack troels cut out:D Oh you should have seen the smile on his face while he was carrying that wood around!

No skiing for me of course (so can't wait for next year), but I took pics and painted and chilled far from NY, and the other guys enjoyed snowboarding most of the weekend with all the fresh powder we got that weekend. And add to that our now infamous games of Cranium. Oh boy so much fun:D See you next year Big Bear!

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