Monday, January 28, 2008

Ice, pain killers & Chocolate

... is all you really need to heal a knee. Well, the chocolate especially! :D Taking SUCH a good care of the grumpy me:) :) :)

"Wow look at the moon!!!"

....."mmmm, babe, it's the sun". Alright. Brilliant moments in Audrey's life, #10020101...but I swear it really looked like the least to me!:D Troels and I went for a weekend trip, skiing to Windham this weekend (a couple hours outside of NYC). Beautiful, awesome weather, wonderful skiing....hehe, that is, until I tried to to be a smartass (hehe, like I do that often...). Went for a jump that MAY have been a bit beyond my skiing skills - all I remember next is a cloud of snow, the pain from a ligaments in my knee, and a sadly shortened skiing trip. But, as far as the pain goes, it was ALL worth it - the jump was BRILLIANT :) :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Other the past few weeks, things have been evolving in ways that I would have not necessarily foreseen a few months back, but everything is building up to make so much sense. Last week was quite a strange one for me I have to admit. However, despite some of the negative feeling that I had initially, looking back things makes so much sense. Every time I get a new piece of the puzzle, it just falls into place, so easily, and goes exactly where it feels it should be. Little by little I am getting a better view on what the picture will look like - what amazes me really is how naturally and easily everything is happening, and how beautiful and wonderful the picture is looking. Life is a 1+1=2 right now, and I am loving it :)

Purpose of this post? Just so you understand there are reasons behind the big smile below :) :) :)

Monday, January 21, 2008


Et un demi-siecle de plus dans la famille, un :) Ca se fete! Il est ou, le champagne exactement?!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My life in Dublin these days...

Quite a change, but I could seriously not be more pumped up. The anticipation of the outcome makes it all so much sweeter :)

Friday, January 4, 2008

Best compliment :)

...this morning, the best compliment I've ever received, I think: "Ton visage ressemble a ton coeur" - more or less, your face shows your heart....nevermind that it came from the newspaper guy :) Another few words that brought a smile on my face for the entire day. Thank you, pleople of the world :) :) :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Those people...

...that, with only a couple of words, can just bright up your day. The story: I was not having the most fun of days today - having missed my plane because of a train strike in Paris, which resulted in me missing my plane, sitting in the Paris airport for hours and hours. Adding to that problem with one of my suitcases, the smile had really dropped of my face by the time I went towards my terminal to catch my plane. As I presented my ticket to the secutity guy to ente rthe terminal, he looks at the teddy bear I was carrying and said very seriously: "and What about the boarding pass for him, miss?". The goes to his colleague: "we have an issue here, the lady does not have a boarding pass for that guy." Worries gone. Smile back on my face :) "He's a really good bear, won't cause much trouble officer!".....Sometimes, it takes very little, but makes such a big difference.


Happy new year to all!I wish all of you only the very best for the year to come.

A New Year, and its new beginnings. Rather than putting together a long things list of silly things that I want to change this year, I decided to narrow my list down to 3 resolutions for this New Year:

Love - as deeply as my heart allows, until the diziness of the happiness takes over
Laugh - until my stomach hurts and I can hardly breath
Give - because all this happiness can only mean anything if shared with others

These things should simple enough that I would not make then my resolutions, but over the past few months I've tended to put them on the side more than I should have, so focused on work. But, times are changing already :)

Celebrating the New Year, African style

Old friends, new friends, all together to start the New Year with African food, African dancing and yes oh yes, African cloths :) Something so warm about spending an evening with old old friends. Paris was beautiful too - the guys live in my favorite part of the city, right around the corner from Montmartre, and have the most beautiful view on the Sacre Coeur.

Sweet sweet year starting :)

1) Sarah, Celinette and I - sweet sweet high school friends of mine :); 2) Sarah and I with our lovely Michou; 3) Tourapreillememeketoa, le retour - Valerie and I reunited; 3) He he oh that African Dancing - my cousin Nathalie killed it! :); 4) Bieautiful view of Montmartre and the Sacre Coeur.