Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Other the past few weeks, things have been evolving in ways that I would have not necessarily foreseen a few months back, but everything is building up to make so much sense. Last week was quite a strange one for me I have to admit. However, despite some of the negative feeling that I had initially, looking back things makes so much sense. Every time I get a new piece of the puzzle, it just falls into place, so easily, and goes exactly where it feels it should be. Little by little I am getting a better view on what the picture will look like - what amazes me really is how naturally and easily everything is happening, and how beautiful and wonderful the picture is looking. Life is a 1+1=2 right now, and I am loving it :)

Purpose of this post? Just so you understand there are reasons behind the big smile below :) :) :)

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