Thursday, October 30, 2008

We are moving South!

....and when I mean south, I mean south in Manhattan :) With an ending lease and an apartment that could fit a chair and half a bed (ok maybe I am making it worst than it is :), we decided to find a place where we could actually breath.

On November 9 oh yeah, we are moving to the financial district - that's right, 3 days after my surgery, lifting that coach is going to be awesome physical therapy :D Jk mum ;) Our place is going to be bigger and with an amazing view (wink wink to anybody who wants to come visit), has great amenities, and is going very convenient for Troels to commute to work. Yaaay go us :)

So our new address starting Nov. 9:

Apartment 5008
2 Gold street
New York, NY 10038

Here are some pics (and Troels has more on his blog):

1 comment:

Celine said...

Waouh!! Looks like a really nice place to leave... A lot happening these days?! mmh?! Surgery, moving, wedding (Thanks! I received the invitation yesterday, so yeeess I'll be there!!)...
Well hope you doing well, take care... Bizzoouu