Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Wedding!!!!

A beautiful beautiful day, totally at the image of Bob and Lisa and the love they have for each other.

So here is a list of my 10 favorite things about the wedding - keeping my fingers crossed that I can keep it down to ten :)

1) The part of the vows that said "today I give you my heart, because it is the greatest gift I have to give to anyone" - awwwwwww teary eyes
2) Feeling all the emotions going on between Lisa and Bob as they wear saying their vows
3) The little flower girl going from all being sweet to totally mischievous, starting to throw rose petals at the audience :D
4) The CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN!!!!! - can't possibly beat that
5) Hearing Jennifer's smooth and beautiful voice to entertain us
6) Dancing away with the love of my life, not caring at who's watching
7) Jumping in the river, and drinking champagne from the middle of the water
8) Drinking Calvados with friends and family like it is water, hehehe
9) The father and bride dance, on "I love her first" - totally love this song and Jim totally made me cry
10) Hearing my father's toast at the wedding - he totally made me cry.

On the boat:"Splash! Just married. They made the big plunge!!"

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