Friday, September 7, 2007

Bowling night!

So I thought I was going to go to be tonight since it is already 11:30 pm here, but hey who needs sleep really? Telling the story of my not so sober nights in Seattle is much more fun afterall :) THe first week in Seattle was a blast with the Summit - great meetings all around, and a lot of what we all call "socializing" :) My entire group went bowling on the Thursday on the Summit....well I say bowling, just like I could say driking, jumping or vreakdancing all the same. We clearly saw some talent that night :) For the way back to the hotel from the bowling alley, the company had hired some buses, and I have to say that we probably has the best bus of the whole bunch - our driver was really DJ who turned the music up and would switch the lights on and off as if we were in a cluf :) How does it get any better than that, let me ask you?????After this, I just don't know anymore......TPKE - so what does the P stand for exactly? Professionalism? No way! haaaaaa no I know... PARTEY!!!!! :D

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