Thursday, April 17, 2014

35 weeks pregnant!

Can't believe we're almost there! my oh my, can this belly of mine get any bigger?

It doesn't feel like it - but I guess I am wrong since baby girl is supposed to be in there for another month! I am definitely in penguin mode now - waddling is in full motion;) Let's be real here - and don't let the  above picture fool you- I am SO DONE physically.

As much as I really enjoy being pregnant, at this point everything hurts and I can't wait to feel comfortable in my own body again...feels like such a remote idea at this point! Just like with the girls, I keep having A LOT of contractions all the time and I keep wondering if that means she will come early like her sisters. It doesn't matter, whenever she decides to show up, we're 100% ready for her! I love to see the baby stuff that has popped up everywhere in our home - preparing for a new life, a new little person to join our family is one of the sweetest, most exciting thing. the nursery is almost done (can't wait to share with you soon!).

I am trying to wrap up my last big projects so that I can rest up in may before she arrives - which is SO hard because the urge to nap is getting bigger and bigger already!

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