Monday, February 11, 2013


Well, it was supposed to be a blizzard, at least. The thing is, it happens during the night so we didn't feel much of the high winds, and by the time we woke up, we had just about 25cm of fresh snow on the ground - rather than the meter or so they were announcing. In the morning Madeline and I went for a little walk to play with the snow - this little girl had a hard time with it at first! She wanted to walk in it, but she hated the texture. She wanted to touch it, but it was too cold. She wanted to hold it, but her gloves were making it too hard. Let me tell you, I had a grumpy little Madeline with me. And a grumpy Madeline is a whole lotta fun, let me tell you that...

But then we ran into Hamish and Flo playing outside. Hamish was throwing snow balls in the Hudson and Madeline thought that was the best idea in the whole wide word - so she joined him and started having a ball with it :)

In the evening she asked me to go on another walk - it was FREEZING out but she didn't care. She was having so much fun just walking around. The sun was setting, the light was so so beautiful with the pretty white snow. I really wish it would snow more here - most of the time, it's very cold anyway, and it would be a love more fun if we had all that pretty white stuff to play with!! Days like these make me miss Scandinavia.

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