Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Before moving to New York, I thought that mornings in general would become impossible - moving from quiet Denmark with Troels working from home, to busy Manhattan with impossible work hours. I thought that it would be impossible to find some quality time to spend together outside of weekends. But it is actually turning out to be quite the opposite. We sip our tea, enjoy the first few rays of sunshine at the table while the girls are playing. I wouldn't give these mornings away for anything.

Madeline just started making a new faces anytime she's frustrated with something. The funniest thing :D

Yep, mornings have been really goody good lately. Especially Monday morning. Monday mornings and I used to not be best friends. Really. All I wanted on Monday morning was to curl up in bed with my little girls, and block the door so that hubby could not go to work. I like having my little family around you see :) But ever since I signed up Madeline for a song and stories class on Monday mornings, I now rush out of bed. Well....almost. :D

Every Monday morning we get to listen to a new singer. Last week was a tattoed man who sang the loveliest versions of grown-up songs for kids - like "Yellow Submarine" and "No children don't cry" (after "No woman no cry"). And this week, we go to listen to a beautiful young lady with loveliest of Southern accents, a guitar and a banjo. These singers just feel my head with happy songs and happy thoughts for the week. Best way to start the week, I tell you! And Madeline loves the class too. She usually likes to cling on to me (she's mama's little girl), but not during music class. Oh no! She's on the run! She shakes it and bounces and taps with the beat.

But this week, I have to admit, there was one morning that we didn't particularly like. We woke up, and we just felt anxious because we knew that that day was the day. The day when we would get rid of all pacifiers. Yep, the holly-sacred-pacifiers. It was time. I took Olivia to the dentist a couple of weeks ago, and he told me about twenty times "you have to stop the pacifier. Now". I thought he was gonna pull the cops on me so I decided to not mess around with this. Troels and I decided that we might as well stop both girls at the same time.

Long story short, we gathers all pacifiers, put them in a bag, and took them to the toy store where Olivia gave the bag of pacifiers to an employee to he could pass them on to "another baby". In exchange, she got to take some toys home.

I have to admit, I was pretty emotional to see these pacifiers go. A big sign that our little girls are growing up. But it is good, and we had to do it. Growing up is a good thing after all. Because tomorrow is filled with beautiful things. And more lovely mornings.

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