Monday, November 22, 2010

Meeting up

No sure if it was the weather, and the overdose of pregnancy hormones but the first few weeks of November my mind just didn't agree think sunny and happy - and also, I was really starting to feel not having been able to drive for 6 months. And then, oh miracle.....all the hospital test that I had done after my seizure came back clear, a little call to my doctor......and he put freedom back into my hands :D Yes, I've been able to drive now for about too weeks -too bad for Troels who really was starting to call our car "my car"....he was so close to believing it :D

As soon I a firgured I could drive, i planned on going to this funky photography Meetup (if you guys don't know, check it out!). The concept: one hundred photographers were to gather in a huge warehouse, and volunteer models also came to get their pictures taken..... and that's it, run with it!

The place was beyond freezing but I had a blast. Met this nice girl, Marta, who came as a model, and we got along right away - you wouldn't imagine how having frozen toes can make people bound together in unity :D So I stole her away to snatch some pics where I could find good light.

And a few pics of another model, Andrea.

I'll be getting coffee with Marta this weekend, so yay to meeting new people and yay to weird warehouses to take pics!

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