Friday, September 18, 2009

And you'd think by now I'd hit the balls....

But NO! I am still lame at playing golf!!!! :D And loving it. Out at Chelsea Piers with my little bro and sweet Alex.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Crazy HAIR!

Not talking about my own hair - although it very well could have been given they way I am treating it! My hairdresser is going to scream next time she sees me. No, I am talking about the musical that we saw this week with Sarah, Elodie, Troels and my bor - thanks for picking the show girls! It was really unexpected for me, so different from any of the other shows I've seen on Broadway so far....hlafway through the show, the entire cast gets naked on stage!!!!! I was so shocked - not that they were naked, but that they were naked on a fairly mainstream show. Amazing how the cast drew us in. Tons of fun!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Oh sweet sweet Dolphins!

that was my treat while we were in Bermuda....I got to swin with Doplhins! Oh so so sweet, still have a smile on my face just thinking about it :)!!! The instructor that was around when we swam told us that their skin sorta feels like a "wet and cold hot dog" - hehe, alright, I'd rather not think about dolphins in that way! :)

Bermuda vacation - or how to travel back to the 80's

Lots of sun, lots of beach time with warm warm water, quiet moments, pure air -you'd notice too if you lived in NYC!!-....and lots of music from the 80's. That would summarize our Bermuda vacation in a few words. The remainder of our honeymoon, and also "babymoon" before our little girl arrives - we had SUCH a great time! The place where we were staying kept playing music from the 80's over and over - with an excess of a reagae version of "falling in Love with you". Lovely lovely time :D

We saw lots of little and big fish going snorkling. Highlight of the trip for me - swimming with the doplhins. I had been wanting to do this for SO long, so here was my opportunity! No pics of that yet - my camera "decided" to stay on vacation in Bermuda for a few extra days. But I shall post them as soon as my camera comes back!

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Friday, September 4, 2009

And yet another Stone Street night :)

Nothing like dinner in our little street,with Sarah and Elodie :) People coming to NYC for a visit, make sur eyou come have dinner here one night while you're here - there is really nothing else like this street in NYC, and most likely it won't be in any of your tourist guides.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tinymus at 19 weeks - Boy girl? boy girl? :)

We went to the doctor this morning - here is the latest picture of our little peanut :) So what do you think??? boy? girl? boy? girl? boy? girl? boy? girl? boy? girl? boy? girl? boy? girl? boy? girl? boy? girl? boy? girl? boy? girl? boy? girl? boy? girl? boy? girl? boy? girl? boy? girl? boy? girl? boy? girl? boy? girl?...It's a little girl! Smit family - I know you are not used to pink around the house....but I am sure you can handle a little of it :)