Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bermuda vacation - or how to travel back to the 80's

Lots of sun, lots of beach time with warm warm water, quiet moments, pure air -you'd notice too if you lived in NYC!!-....and lots of music from the 80's. That would summarize our Bermuda vacation in a few words. The remainder of our honeymoon, and also "babymoon" before our little girl arrives - we had SUCH a great time! The place where we were staying kept playing music from the 80's over and over - with an excess of a reagae version of "falling in Love with you". Lovely lovely time :D

We saw lots of little and big fish going snorkling. Highlight of the trip for me - swimming with the doplhins. I had been wanting to do this for SO long, so here was my opportunity! No pics of that yet - my camera "decided" to stay on vacation in Bermuda for a few extra days. But I shall post them as soon as my camera comes back!

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