Monday, August 31, 2009

3, 2, 1....GO!!!! The Guest-athon has begun :D

Having one friend come over from far away and stay with you = PRICELESS
Having seven friends from far away alternate coming for a whole month straight = CRAZY?!!!

And that's where Troels and I are heading. A whole month of friends and family visiting us in our cosy little apartment.

Guests 1: Sarah and Elodie - August 31 to September 11
Guests 2: David and Alex - September 11 to Septemeber 26
Guest 3: Dani - September 26 to October 3rd
Guests 4: Jim & Nancy - October 3rd to October 6

Will Troels and Audrey survive the Guest-athon? Will they not? The bets are open!

Welcome to New York, Sarah and Elodie :) So happy you're here! And lucky you for being the first ones on the list! We had a little welcome party dinner on Monday with my friends Brittany (visiting from Boston - she's a harvard nerd) and Andrew.....oooooh lovely lovely tradition of making our guests drink shots of discusting danish alcohol. Nothing sets the mood like it :D

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