Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Danish Invasion 2!

Oh yes! You can NEVER have too many Danes around :) Two days after Troels' family left, our friends Rasmus & Line arrived with their oh-so-adorable-blondie-cutie baby named Mads (needs a list of silly danish names for your babies, anybody? Pam and Matt? Chouchou and Audrey? We got PLENTY! :D).

So nice to have everybody around, a lot of chilling out, taking walks with the baby -how I miss having little ones around! Of course the nights were also plenty of fun since Mads was teething :D mmm yeah that was fun!


nathålie said...

ahhhhh enfin des nouvelles..... et c'est bien, on en apprend des choses grâce à ton blog...
comme d'hab, les USA ont les nouvelles avant nous.

Asbjorn og Ditte said...

And we are the next danes in line. Tristan is crawling now. So be prepared for the destroyer hehe :-)