Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday, June 23, 2008

Oh the underwater wonders!

So as many of you know I am currently "unemployed" - that is, until my next job starts. I'd rather call it extended vacation :) By the way, my new job will only be starting on August 18th, I recently found out, so I have a lot of time on my hands and I intend to use it as well as I can.

First thing I have been doing? Learn how to dive and get my certification! I just got done with it, and Troels and I went diving last weekend with a group of people so I could finish my certification. It was a sort of Amusement Parc for divers that we went to, and it was absolutely AMAZING! Will post some real diving pics as soon as my instructor sends them, but in the meantime here are some pics of the place. My favorite moment? Diving with Troels and Britney fr one last dive around this huge underwater army helicopter. I could even stand in it!!!!!! Wish I had some pics of that, but we didn't have a camera at that moment.

Second thing? Learn Danish as much as possible - oh and that is some task let me tell you!

Third - travel around if I can manage???!

The rest I have not quite decided - a lot of thinking, drawing and painting, picture taking. If you have any ideas I am up for suggestions :D

Before the dive. Was the 5.00am wake-up a bit too much for you T?


Britney cracking up and the rest of the group getting ready

The other fun part of the parc, where you could go jump, clin etc. Fun fun fun!

After the first dive - hehehe same position as before :D

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

So close and also so far

Soazic, Nico, Cal and I
After my little fun trip to Paris, it was off to the Tourraine region I went, with Soazic again to meet with my friends from Tucson, the Millers (I used to nanny their kids in college, and Soazic will be taking care of them all summer while they stay in France). Was so nice to see my two little balls of fire again...hehe yeah, let's just say that Cal and Nico have a lot of energy between the two of them :)

Tourraine is a region that I am ashamed to say I never visited during the whole time I lived in France. It is truly not far from where I live (2-3 hours) but I guess I never had the chance (we would rather go on vacation to places that where further away). Thank God the Millers are here to bring my cultural level up, as they often do hehe. The region is truly beautiful, and inspired many famous people, from kings and queens who built the most beautiful castle along the Loire river, to writers and painters who would settle here to find their inspiration.

During our little trip, we visited the house where Leonardo Da Vinci lived the last few years of his life, saw Alexander Calder's house (which I found the most amazing= my dream house!), and looked for Monet's but the ran out of time unfortunately. We also visited the beautiful chateau de Chenonceau.

And what else did I learn? That canoeing during storm showers isn't as bad as it would sound :D Hehehe. No need to fall in the water to get wet on this one. Will post some pics of our canoe trip as soon as Lindsay sends them to me. Oh good times ;)

Nico & I, Chateau de Chenonceau

Trying to get one of Leo's inventions to work :)
Leo's house

Monday, June 2, 2008

Veni vidi vici

For the past four years, my friends Matt, Pam and I had been talking about going to the parc just about a million time - hehhe oh so so silly planning, we found out we were just the best at it :) In any case, Veni vidi vici le parc asterix, with Pam, Matt, Soazic and NIco. Fun fun time in Gaul, par Toutatis!