Monday, March 31, 2008

waffles & croissants

...that's what's on the menu for this week :) Yum yum. After 3 days in Dublin - now someone reminds me why i have an appartment there?- time to take off for Belgium and France. "Playing" with my boyz in the BE office this week, always love visting them...then it's off to France I go. First time in years I am able to go home to celebrate my birthday and I am SO excited - PLUS, guess who is coming? Oh I can hardly wait!!!!

Like a tattoo...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Living Tom Hanks life

...well, at least, the one he had in the movie Terminal :) My flight from NYC to Dublin last night was oversold, and Audrey got her little butt nicely kicked out of the plane she was supposed to take - haha, love it when they tell you you are "volunteering" to stay behind. they put me in a hotel, but without internet connection = Audrey in the Airport lounge from 6am to 6 pm today. Ohhhhh loving it. Well, at least I got a nice flight voucher with it :)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Meeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaat Russel's Ribs. Will let the pics speak for themselves :) We barely finished 1/2 of the food! yum yum

Long Island to Connecticut

Boat sick

a rough ride. none of us thought we'd make it, to be honest :D hehehe

Long Island

Last weekend we all took a trip to long Island and Connecticut. Beautiful but SO freezing :D Guess the Hamptons in March wasn't the best idea in the world :):):) Still tons of fun, but would love to see the place in the summer. We saw some of the most ridiculously beautiful houses ever, right on the beach too - tennis courts, helicopter landing area...well, our Best Western wasn't bad either :D

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hanne and Steffen visiting

This week, we had Troel's parents visting in NYC. Oh the fun of 4 people living t ogether in a 1-bedroom Manhattan appartment :D Some very fun time out together, and can't quite honestly get enough of Hanne's now famous quotes - hehehe my stomach still hurst from laughing :D.
*"Do you want someEarly Grey tea?"
*"Let's go YouTubing down the mountain!"
*"I need a foot rubber"
Just kidding, Hanne :)

Monday, March 17, 2008

St Patrick's NYC??!

Yes, people, I know....I have the tendency to do things a little backwards :D heheh so the one year that I am living in Ireland, I actually find the way to be in New York and celebrate St Patrick's day here :D Running down the parade with Saumya was way fun though hehehe oh silly silly glasses.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Rollerskating in NYC

New rollerskates (pretty and purple :))=$65

Protection for my knees & wrists =$20

Beautiful blue sky, his hand holding mine, light breeze as we rollerskate by the water = PRICELESS

PS: Only thing, should have bought a pillow for the falling on my butt hehehe :D ouch ouch

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Wickloooooooooowwwww :D

Planned last minute, a little "movie weekend" in Wicklow (a bit south of Dublin) with some friends - who rented a couple of cabins down there. hehehe oh the joys of spending two days in the same room with...16 people, most of which whom you don't know:D

And you can imagine how easy it was to pick a movie! My favortie part, was deciding at 1:30 am last night if we should watch Cinema Paradiso, or maybe this other weird movie, or maybe even something else...1/2 hour to finally go back to our first choice, Cinema Pardisio :) Was a ton of fun though. We watch a lot of movie (didn't count how many), but they were if I recall corretly: North By Northwest, After Sunset, Before Sunrise, Go!, Casablanca, Cinema Paradisio (SUCH a wonderful movie!), Dream Girls, Monsters Co. & Dawn of the Dead. Quite a list! The train ride down was absolutely gorgeous - and the cabin were also in a beautiful location so we had a bit of time to walk around between two rain showers :) well, almost.....but that's another story :D

View from the train oon the way down to Wicklow
Wicklow mountains

Preparing breakfast this morning - we had a bit of a "food war" going on between our cabin and the cabin of the rest of the group :D Hehe. One Jar of Nutella for two house. Was bound to be. Kids :D And ....a few of us tried to be brave in the freezing temperature hehehe. What we call a "refreshing" breakfast! Spring being almost here, I guess we were trying to send positive thoughts to make it come faster :D