Sunday, March 2, 2008

Wickloooooooooowwwww :D

Planned last minute, a little "movie weekend" in Wicklow (a bit south of Dublin) with some friends - who rented a couple of cabins down there. hehehe oh the joys of spending two days in the same room with...16 people, most of which whom you don't know:D

And you can imagine how easy it was to pick a movie! My favortie part, was deciding at 1:30 am last night if we should watch Cinema Paradiso, or maybe this other weird movie, or maybe even something else...1/2 hour to finally go back to our first choice, Cinema Pardisio :) Was a ton of fun though. We watch a lot of movie (didn't count how many), but they were if I recall corretly: North By Northwest, After Sunset, Before Sunrise, Go!, Casablanca, Cinema Paradisio (SUCH a wonderful movie!), Dream Girls, Monsters Co. & Dawn of the Dead. Quite a list! The train ride down was absolutely gorgeous - and the cabin were also in a beautiful location so we had a bit of time to walk around between two rain showers :) well, almost.....but that's another story :D

View from the train oon the way down to Wicklow
Wicklow mountains

Preparing breakfast this morning - we had a bit of a "food war" going on between our cabin and the cabin of the rest of the group :D Hehe. One Jar of Nutella for two house. Was bound to be. Kids :D And ....a few of us tried to be brave in the freezing temperature hehehe. What we call a "refreshing" breakfast! Spring being almost here, I guess we were trying to send positive thoughts to make it come faster :D

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