Sunday, August 3, 2008

Danish people LOVE to sing!

Not always well, but they do love to sing! Especially when there is an occasion for celebration, and especially when it means waking people up with that. On Saturday we celebrated Hanne and Steffen's silver wedding. The veru organised crew that we are, and a bit thrown off schedule with Tristan's birth, us kids prepared laaaaaate at night on Friday the traditional arch that is placed in front on the couple's house.

T:"Ok Let's go make the arch
Me: Great! I am excited, where is the stuff to make it?
T, raising his shoulders: Mmmmmm not sure.
Me: Sight. Oh dear, this is gonna be a looong night!

In any case, we managed to finish the arch, after Katarine and I blind-cutted half of Hanne's beautiful garden - and it looked pretty good to :) 6:30 am the Saturday. The alarm clock goes on, I want to throw it out of the window. But hey singing is waiting for us! We quietly go out of the house, the entire family, and in front of Hanne and Stefen's window start singing the traditional songs to wake them up. So lovely.

The party at night was a blast, filled with speaches and HOURRA, HOURRA, HOURRA, HOURRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (the long one :). I also learned how to dance the Lanciers (apparently a French dance that EVERYBODY was expecting me to know since Danes all have to learn it when they are in highschool.

And this morning, Troel's birthday and I thought that we would sleep in........but not so much :) It was our turn to be awaken by the birthday song, even though my 1/2 awake brain took a long time realizing what was happening.

Lovely lovely Danish traditions :)

Ohh sooooo early! Katarine, Kaare and I
The singing crew :)
Hanne og Steffen under the arch

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