Monday, November 26, 2007

Catherinette oh oui oh oui :D

Audrey 25 and not married yet???...if one person was not going to forget that, that had to be my big sister :) Merci Maud! Above the lovely e-card I received form her the the Catherinette celebration. Now, if you are not French, you are probably asking yourself "what the hell is the Catherinette celebration?checking my calendar.... thanksgiving.... hanukah... christmas.... catherinette?????" Ladies and gentleman, after the intro I made about this summer about "L'enterrement de vie de garcon", get ready for your second lesson in silly-but-oh-so-lovely French traditions :)

What is a Catherinette exactly? It is young women who's 25 and yet to be married.Catherinette is derived from the Greek Katharos which means "pure" -mmm I'll guess I'll believe the website I got this info from :D eh eh eh. Since the Middle Ages, girls were under the protection of St Catherine (while Saint Nicolas cared for the boys). Girls participated in devotion groups to the saint, and were responsible for the confection of a beautiful headdress to "cap" her statue each year on November 25th. The young women left the group when marrying, hence "capping Saint Catherine" became, for a female, synonymous to "being still single at/after 25".

Nowadays on November 25th, Catherinette are to wear a green and yellow hat (Green symbolising knowledge and Yellow Faith). Oh lovely lovely hats :D :D :D Well - I was close to having to wear mine, but at least had the excuse of being away for the Catherinette :D They didn't catch me they didn't catch me :)

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